Animal Crossing Fever

Like the most Luxembourgish population you’re also stuck at home. While the quarantine is raging, Nintendo released one month ago a pretty famous game called: Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The game consists to build your Island as your wish and visit your friends locations. Now we can agree that this is not the most elaborate gameplay, some might agree to call it a pay your depth simulator or a cute version of Minecraft. And there’s the keyword “CUTE”.

Well this game gave our local cosplayer inspiration to work while their stuck at home. Discover their work and maybe you also will be charmed by this relaxing game and change a bit about all this Covid-19 bad news running around.

What about you? Did you do an Animal Crossing Cosplay? Show us your work.

Pictures by The Epical Panda, DM Cosplay, Mytivation and Nintendo

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