Chiraito Cosplay

Photo by Chiraito Cosplay

Chiraito has fallen in love cosplaying characters from Kingdom Hearts as well as from Detective Conan. He’s mostly regnorized for his Demyx Cosplay.

Who am I?

I am Chiraito Cosplay and I am 26 years old. I’m doing personal cosplay from Kingdom Hearts, Detective Conan, love Ru, Sword Art Online until Food Wars, One Piece, Yuna Haunted House, and other popular animes, games, and series. Likewise, if they are heroes or villains. I create self-made weapons, swords and key-swords with Sturodur, Worbla and Foam. In the future, I will also create costumes and armor.

What is my favorite cosplay?

My favorite cosplay was Demyx with his sitar from Kindom Hearts. It took me about 2 whole months to finish it.

Why have I started cosplaying?

2018 was my first Luxcon. I was impressed by how talented the cosplayers build and present their work. Later that year, at the LGX, I presented my first cosplay on a stage. It was young Xehanord with his sword from Kingdom Hearts.

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