DM Cosplay

Who am I?

Hello everybody! My name is DM Cosplay and I’m a cosplayer from Luxembourg since 2015. I cosplay various characters from Videogames, Anime, Manga, you name it, and you can catch me at most french/belgian/german conventions during the year.

Doing Cosplay is sure a fun hobby to do but my main goal is to spread Love, Positivity and Motivation! Making people smile is my greatest achievement.

What is my favourite cosplay?

My favorite Cosplay bar far is Leeroy Jenkins from World of Warcraft I did in 2018. I absolutely love playing WoW and I needed to do a cosplay someday of it so why not choose the most legendary character/meme/internet sensation the world has ever seen ?

Posing badassly with my senpai/mentor Mytivation Cosplay
Picture by JunKee Photography

Why did I start to cosplay?

It actually started kinda funny I back then in 2015. During Halloween periods I always bought like very cheap facepaint from my local Euro-store and stood infront of my bathroom mirror an let my imagination take the wheel and did some facepaints for fun. I did facepaints like the Joker from The Dark Knight Rises, Kratos from God of War and also the Animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy’s back then where the game was at it’s peak of the hype. Few months later I met Mytivation Cosplay online and she introduced me to the Cosplay World and I absolutely loved it. We first met in real life at Luxcon 2016 and from there on my live as a Cosplayer started because later on she asked if I wanted to come to Japan Expo in Paris with her in july. Of course I said yes and I was so amazed of that “Con-live”. This was the start of a great friendship and journey

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Photos by David Mond,, shashinstudio & Mugen Photo