Esmeraude Cosplay

Hi, my name is Vanessa also known as Esmeraudecosplay

I’ve getting into this beautiful hobby 10 years ago, where it slowly started with my verry first costume which was Esmeraude from the anime “Sailor Moon”. Guess you know where my “Cosplayname” came from 😉 Sailor Moon is still one big part of me because it’s with this anime I grew up like some more of you.

Photo by Falk K.

Which Cosplay’s I do like most?

Oh that’s a hard question. I do not make any prefernce, because I really like every costume I made so far. Even my first ones where I would say now: OMG look how many faults it has xD. But you know, I grew up with everyone I made and I still make mistakes and I still learn from it 🙂

Over the time experiance come and I see that some projects were more intense like others, but I like them all. With some I have great memorys, where I always can look back.

What does Cosplay means to me?

Well first of all I can be the character I really like and the most cool and fun part is to portray the character right away on conventions. It feels like for example I can be a Hunter (Demon Hunter) or even a crusader and walk around and play the role. That’s such an exiting feeling. And most of you know that feeling, when you have done you’re costume and you put it on for the first time…

I have met alot of cosplayers people trough this hobby which I’m so happy about. I really like how the comunity grows and that people share the same hobby as you do. We are a family and we do what we like and that’s our hobby.

There’s a lot more to tell, but what I also like to chat with other cosplayers, help them, give them advices or whatever if they like to ask something about a costume how you made it and so on. I’m a really oppened person and try to help as good as I can and you always can ask me 🙂

What else to know…

I like mostly to craft, working with thermoplastic materials are my favorite, but I’m slowly getting into with foam. Sewing is still not my biggest friend, but I try to do my best. Sometimes my sewingmachine and I are friends and sometimes not xDDD

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