What is this site for?

This site is an easy opportunity to get an online presence for ongoing to professional cosplayers. On this site, cosplayers could introduce themselves to other cosplayers, get dates and information about the next conventions, meets, and festivals in and around Luxembourg and discover artists from various genres.

Cosplayers / Artists

What do I get?


People who just got into cosplaying will get a post on this site about them. There you could shortly introduce yourself and show up to six photos of yourself in your cosplays.

Semi- / Professionals

Experienced cosplayers get the opportunity to get a post as well as a dedicated site that can be customized by themselves. They will also get an email address and a subdomain to their website.

Tokudai Cosplay
Email: tokudai@cosplay.lu
Website: tokudai.cosplay.lu

Which informations are needed?


Briefly describe yourself in a text of up to 300 words. Add at least one picture with good quality and you can publish up to 6 pictures.

Semi- / Professionals

Do the same for the main post as newcomers, for the site we could help you out. The wider range of services for semi- and professional cosplayers require closer contact with us, so we invite you to contact us via discord.

What does it cost?

This site is and will be free to use. However, if you’re interested in supporting us you can donate via PayPal to chris@samupc.lu.

Any restrictions

Yes, there are. We don’t want any sort of hate speech or explicit content on our site. We don’t want anyone to be offended. If you are feeling offended by anything please contact us immediately. We will look it up!

How can I be added to this site?

To be added to this site, please contact us. We will discuss with you and find the best way to present you on this site.


If you want to contact us, you could reach to us over:

Mail: contact@cosplay.lu
Discord: Chris149#3137