JeyM Cosplay

Who am I?

Welcome!! My name is Jey M, a simple short version of my real name, that‘s all it is might have seemed a bit lazy at the beginning but that didn‘t stop me to use and like it.

Why did I start to cosplay?

I started on my first Cosplay when I was 22 years old. I started it because of a friend of mine, who was already busy for a few years into making his Master Chief costume. So, I decided to join him with something. My fist build was Cloud Strife’s buster sword from Final Fantasy 7. Since I had no clue in sewing, I bought the costume and I got a little help to style my first wig.

I was so happy about the praise I got for the costume and prop I made, that I wanted to continue with this newfound hobby. My second Character was Genos from an anime series called One Punch Man, a cyborg with robotic arms. I searched for a lot of references, asked other cosplayers how they did theirs and luckily, they were happy to help. With all the new things I learned during that Cosplay I had to redo some parts of it because the latest parts looked better than the first ones.

And I‘m no stranger when it comes to Halloween.

What is my favourite cosplay?

My third and most favourite Cosplay was Link with the Fierce deity Mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and the one I am the proudest of. Making templates for armor is not as easy as it looked first so I searched and found templates made by Cosplus who sold them to everyone. I customized the armor to my own liking and got help from Oni-Cosplay since I again used materials I never used before. With the tunic made by Oni-Cosplay, the armor, the sword and my own version of the sword’s in game scabbard, I wore it to every convention I went and it’s since then my favorite costume I’ve build.

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Photos by vonkoenigsmarck, Acdramon’s Artists Cove & eosAndy