Who am I?

I’m 23 years old living in Luxembourg where I have a very good company. Amongst other things my friends and family who support my artwork in every way. I am so glade that they always believe in me no matter what. 

If you are wondering why I call myself Mystery it’s because rarely anyone understands me completely… so don’t even try or maybe if you do than … I wish you good luck 😉

Why did I start to cosplay?

I started cosplaying because of a friend of mine. She showed me anime and manga and she took me to my first convention. It was exhilarating. I’ve seen so many people in cosplays and found it so great that there is a place where everyone accepts everyone as they are. Everyone was friendly and even strangers could laugh with each other.
Of course I had some favorite anime and that included “Death Note”. With my first favorite character “Amane Misa”. One day my friend gave me the “Amane Misa” Cosplay and I was blown away. I wore this cosplay at every convention back then and found it fabulous to do photoshoots or to participate in videos.
Since those days, “cosplay” as a hobby, became a constant companion of my life.

What is my favourite cosplay?

Hard to say, I love them all, but if I had to choose one it would be my Harley Quinn Cosplay. I find the Character so incredibly interesting and exciting that I’m always interested in how it can be presented.
To be honest, it’s still one of my most expensive cosplays I own. The whole Cosplay is handmade and it really pulled the money out of my pocket. But it was worth it because it just remains unique. It was also very difficult to find the small details in their original packaging so that everything would match the original.

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Photos by Mystery & Red Lion Photographie