Mytivation Cosplay

Who am I?

I am MytivationCosplay or shortly, Myti ! This name maybe sounds familiar as it comes from the word Motivation, which i once misspronounced… so i was stuck with a mocking “uh uh mitivation” but it somehow grew on me! But don’t let me fool you, even a person with a name like this isn’t always motivated!

Why did I start to cosplay?

Why? Good Question! I always was interested in makeup and changing my face! So when i saw this strange yet fascinating hobby on images from Google (yes i googled my first convention to see how it is) i was immediately hooked.

What is my favourite cosplay?

I’ve bought a lot of cosplays but i’ve also done a lot. Surely, bought cosplays are amazing and i often think “why should i do this cosplay if i can buy the whole outfit for so much less!”. There’s no shame in that. But there’s some form of proudness if you make it yourself. That’s why my favourite Armor cosplay i made is Varian Wrynn, the design from Zach Fischer. As i can’t compare foam smithing with sewing, i also have another favourite cosplay, maybe less impressive but therefore so much easier to wear and so many great memories to remember with: my Isabelle from, not only Animal Crossing New Leaf but also Smash Bros Ultimate! Popping confetti in conventions was just a blast !

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Photos by Alexgv_cosplaypics / Eric H.

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