Rainbowraven Cosplay

Who am I?

I´m RainbowRaven Cosplay, or simply RainbowRaven! I wanted to have an artist name that somehow describes me as a person. Every medal has two sides, so for me it couldn´t have been better represented as by the rainbow and the raven, two things I really connect to.

Why did I start to cosplay?

I´ve been into manga, anime and gaming since my childhood. Besides, I was always dragged into the artistic side of myself. With the first conventions I visited, grew my interest in this creative and stunning craftmanship. I was fascinated by this artistry that combined everything I loved and influenced me since I was a kid.

I then finally started cosplaying about 2 years ago, after a long time dreaming about it! Since then I tried large variety of crafting and being creative. It´s not just my hobby, it´s my passion and sort of a mental retreat of the everyday busy work life.

What is my favourite cosplay?

Oh this is hard to tell! Actually I like almost all my cosplays but if I really have to choose, I´d say for the current state : Warchief Sylvanas from World of Warcraft for armor cosplay, Aracde Ahri from League of Legends for sewn cosplay and I think D.Va and Kakashi for closet/ improvised cosplay! All of these costumes represent something I´ve never done before like making armor, sewing, wig styling etc. But I hope there are many more to come that will replace the one mentioned! I really try out a lot of genres in cosplay and try to improve with every single one. Overall, I just want to do what I love and what brings me joy, even though it´s tough sometimes, cosplay is and will stay a part of my life as mangas, animes and gaming do!

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Photos by Mugen Photo, Otherworld Photography, Shind74 & Kingsmanfotos